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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Best Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Member TConnect Page

In Internet business, you can hardly make any headway if you are unable to drive traffic to your business. This is because, the more the number of visitors to your page, the higher your chances of getting patronage or making sales. In SFI, your TConnect page is where you can display your own sundry stuff for sale. You get better patronage if the traffic to the page is high. You therefore need deliberate efforts to get that to happen. Here is what you can do.

The first thing you do is to follow SFI guide lines and word the page correctly for Search Engines to find. The page is always highly ranked by Search Engines and it shows up easily in search results. That is one sure way to attract traffic to the page.

The second thing you do is to post your member TConnect Page link directly in your ads as well as sending it to your prospects, be they friends, relatives or would be costumers.

Thirdly, you can have the link and a short text promo in your email signature feature. 

Fourthly, you can purposely advertise the page link in line with your normal business promo/ads.

Fifthly, you can connect with as many ECAs as you can to enable you to leverage on the search results of your “connected” ECAs for your own traffic. 

Sixthly, you can send the link for indexing in several thousands of Search Engines/Directories. 

I sincerely believe that if you are able to do all the above with your TConnect page, you will be in a very good stead to attract steady traffic to it.

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