Sunday, 22 January 2017

How SFI Business Works

As a sponsor, the best answer to give to SFI prospects who ask, “How does it work...and what do you do?” is simple and straight forward. Let the prospects know that SFI is a business, a real business which every affiliate joins in order to earn income. Just tell them that SFI works if you can earn income from the actions you take in the business classified broadly as follows: 


1. You earn income from selling your own products/services.
2. You earn income from commissions from helping to sell other affiliates’ products.
3. You earn income from earning VersaPoints for your sales/actions activities.
4. You earn residual income as commissions from the activities of all your affiliates (PSAs and CSAs).
5. You earn income on VersaPoints “matching” from the activities of your affiliates up to 12 generations downline.
6. You earn residual income as commissions from the sales made by the E-CommerceAssociates, ECAs you introduced into the business.
7. All these commissions are aggregated and paid to you monthly.

To be sure that you earn these incomes, these here below are things you must routinely do if you are a serious affiliate who wants to earn big in the business.

- Log in daily and earn as many VersaPoints, VP as you can.
- Do your daily, weekly and monthly activities routinely to earn VP.
- Advertise/promote your Gateways to recruit PSAs.
- Use all other effective marketing methods to recruit PSAs.
- Promote/advertise TripleClicks products/services to make sales.
- Take advantage of all the marketing tools/methods SFI provides freely to make sales and recruit PSAs.
- Earn enough VP monthly to become Executive Affiliate, EA and maintain a minimum of that rank monthly.
- Read widely in SFI and take all income-boosting lessons as part of the tools provided for the business.
- Join the forums and share your ideas and worries with fellow affiliates.
- Take advantage of the tips SFI gives daily.
- Belong to a2a and share ideas and tips with fellow affiliates.
- Participate in PriceBenders auctions.
- Have fun and learn the business from Trivia/Zebra games provided.


With this answer, it is possible to satisfy the curiosity of SFI prospects who ask, “how does it work...and what do you do?”

Best wishes!

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