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Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to Maximize the Benefits of Being a Bronze Team Leader

In SFI business, after becoming an Executive Affiliate for the month, the next rank in view is Bronze Team Leader. Attaining that rank confers on you some special benefits. As the name implies, the primary benefit of being a Bronze Team Leader is the great opportunity to lead and to provide leadership for your team. This is one benefit many SFI affiliates usually take for granted to the detriment of their success in SFI business. As a team leader, you maximize this benefit, 


- By reading more. Of course you know….”readers are leaders.”
- By becoming more honest.
- By communicating more and better.
- By showing good examples.
- By being more consistent and diligent in your SFI business.
- By leading by example.
- By offering help if and when needed.
- By being reliable and dependable to your affiliates.
- By motivating and inspiring your affiliates.

Aside from leading, the other two rather most obvious benefits you get for attaining the rank of BTL are a bonus of 12 TCredits and a proportionate share of Second Home CSAs. You can maximize the use of your bonus TCredits by using them to trade in TripleClicks shops, participate in PriceBenders auctions and getting better involved in SFI Zebra/Trivia Games. Of course the additional TCredits gives you the added capacity to buy more things and to take part in auctions and games more robustly. A more robust participation enables you to earn more Member Reward Points which you can in addition deploy to use at TripleClicks shops.


On the other benefit of being awarded Second Home CSAs, you get an expanded/enhanced opportunity to earn about 15% commissions on all their spending activities. You can therefore maximize this benefit of being a Bronze Team Leader if you can guide and lead these CSAs to remain active in the business. The more the activities coming from these CSAs, the more you get rewarded as a Bronze Team Leader. That means their increased success in their business directly results in increased commissions and bonuses for you as a Bronze Team Leader. Getting these CSAs to work harder and better is one sure way to maximize your own benefits as a Bronze Team Leader.

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