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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Which is the Best SFI Gateway to Use?

From my own experience, all SFI Gateways if used as prescribed are very effective depending on where and how you are promoting your business. It is therefore very difficult to say categorically which is best. However, taking a very close look particularly as an affiliate for nearly two years now, the “first” Gateway on this link, http://www.sfi4.com/xxxxxxxx/first appears to have a lot going for it for the following reasons. 


1. It is highly Search Engine friendly and turns up easily in search results.
2. A click on it opens up a highly effective message right away.
3. Its address bar on your computer invites you to “start a second income with SFI.”
4. The main page tells you that SFI is a company which is “first” with Internet entrepreneurs.
5. It displays to the very second pictures and numbers updates about all new affiliates joining SFI all over the world.
6. Top left corner tells you that in SFI “we aim high, dream big.”
7. The color combination in the page is very attractive and captivating.
8. On same page, you see a brief historical update of SFI as a successful company.
9. The invitation to join FREE is simple, easy to use and irresistible.
10. The page layout is a masterpiece in web page building.
11. Above all, it is result-oriented and it actually yields good results.

These are some of the reasons why I tend to think that the “first” Gateway is best to use while promoting your SFI business.

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