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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Ways Your Downline Can Benefit from the New W3 Program in SFI Business

This is Simple enough. In SFI business, all you need do is to just refer your downline with a link to what SFI says about the new W3 program. Specifically, let them know of the following benefits which they stand to get.

1. Exclusive W3 Member badge
2. Free monthly Member Listing
3. Free monthly download of the TC Song of the Month
4. Additional 5% discount on any one day’s Deal-of-the-Day of your choice each month
5. For each TCredit spent by referrals, you’ll earn a free bonus entry in the Daily Crown drawing for that day, for a full year (maximum 5 free bonus entries per day)
6. Earn unlimited MRP Bounties: Earn MRP when referrals buy and win.
7. Win unlimited TCredits! Lifetime 10% Zackpot Matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your PRMs. Qualifications: Personal minimum $20 purchase at TripleClicks (cash purchase, no MPR or TCredits) AND played same game on same day or period as the winning PRM.
8. Additional recognition (e.g. badges/leaderboard for active “wave makers”–those who refer lots of TC members)
9. Free W3 promotional aids (banners for blogs, etc.)

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