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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Real Benefits of Member Listings at TripleClicks in SFI Business

Every SFI affiliate is in it to do business. The business of SFI is mostly buying and selling in TripleClicks stores with VersaPoints and Commissions earned in the process. Member listings entail what each SFI member lists as products and or services he/she is selling either as an E-Commerce Associate, ECA, or in your member T-Connect page.


Here are some benefits of member listings.
1. Your products are listed in Tripleclicks online stores highly ranked by Search Engines.
2. The products are accessible to buyers in all corners of the globe.
3. They can be promoted and sold by over 1.2 million affiliates in over 20,000 cities in over 203 countries of the world.
4. They form part of the over 100,000 products TripleClicks routinely promotes in its stores.
5. The stores are open 24/7 and your products are so available to prospective buyers.
6. Trading is safe and secure online and you get paid by SFI when you supply a product and it is confirmed.
7. The major transactions are online in the safety and security of your home/office.
8. Every affiliate is in business to work with other affiliates and everyone benefits from this magnificent synergy.
9. You do not have to make a sale face-to-face which is why you can sell your products even if you are not a professional online marketer.
10. Your products earn immediate customer trust because of the excellent reputation of TripleClicks stores.


Here are my best tips for successful listings.
1. Display only very good pictures of the products you are listing.
2. Give a good description of what the products are and what they do.
3. Give reasonable discounts on the products you sell.
4. Give FREE shipping as much as is practicable.
5. Charge competitive prices for your products.
6. Do not promote inferior or contraband goods.
7. Respond promptly to complaints from your buyers.
8. Give quick refunds for damaged or returned goods.
9. Offer follow-up services on any product you sell.
10. Attend to your ECA store 24/7.
11. Maintain very good customer relations with your buyers.
12. Ensure you do nothing to undercut any affiliate or customer.

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