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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to Choose Products to Advertise and Sell at TripleClicks

You can advertise and sell ALL products at TripleClicks stores if you so decide because all the products are in the stores to be sold. SFI has graciously made available a private link per product for each affiliate to sell all products. However, for some practical purposes, you can settle for a few products which you believe will sell well and earn you good commissions. You may decide to take the under-listed clues into account to choose which products that will “move” best for you in your promotional efforts. It is only the products which you believe will “move” best that are the products you should settle for and sell. That is practical marketing. Here now are the clues: 


1. What products do you and your friends like and you usually like to buy?
2. Which target market segment do you want to sell in and what is the size?
3. What product(s) appeals best to these segments?
4. What gender market are you targeting?
5. What age group are you envisaging?
6. What is your past experience in online marketing?
7. How will you promote the products?
8. What will it cost you to promote the products.
9. How convenient will it be for you to promote the products?
10. What volume of sales/commissions do you project to earn from your sales?

When you take the above into account and factoring in the volume of the products you believe you can sell, then, choose the product(s) which best fits the bill and you are in business. However, the product(s) you settle for:


- Must have a very high demand.
- Must sell well and quickly.
- Must yield good commissions.
- Must be highly appealing to buyers.
- Must be priced reasonably.
- Must come in beautiful sizes and packages.
- Must have both practical and esthetics value.
- Must be easy and convenient to promote.
- Must be cheap to promote.
- Must be conveniently packaged.
- Must be very easy and convenient to deliver to buyers.

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