Monday, 13 February 2017

Best Way to Become Team Leader In SFI Business

Team leadership is something every affiliate in SFI ideally expects to attain at some point or another. Like everything else particularly in a business like SFI, being a leader confers some form of privileges which are highly beneficial to the affiliate as an Internet Entrepreneur. That is why every affiliate who is serious with his/her business craves to be a Team Leader in SFI at some point or another. 


Like everything else which is beneficial, you do have to work real hard and smart to be a Team Leader in SFI. The stages are Bronze Team Leader, BTL, Silver Team Leader, STL, Gold Team Leader, GTL and Platinum Team Leader, PTL.

To attain BTL you need 3000 VPs for the month from sales and action points.
To attain STL you need 4000 VPs for the month from sales and action points.
To attain GTL you need 5000 VPs for the month from sales and action points.
To attain PTL you need 6000 VPs for the month from sales and action points.

Depending on your plans and targets, you can take action monthly to earn VPs from sales and action points in the following ways:

1. Sales VPs of up to 2000 VPs can be obtained either from Standing Order or Direct Sales from TripleClicks shop for the month.

2. Action VPs can be earned as follows:
- Daily To-Do list actions to get up to 310 VPs for the month.
- Eager Zebra games participation, up to 200 VPs for the month.
- Take part in Pricebenders Penny Auctions to earn up to 500 VPs for the month.
- TC music down load, up to 50 VPs for the month.
- Member listing, up to 50 VPs for the month.
- PSA Mailer, up to 120 VPs for the month.
- Reviewing your T-connect page, up to 20 VPs per month.
- Submitting stream posts, up to 10 VPs for the month.
- Unlimited VPs from your PSAs who make EA2 or above for the month at 100-300 VPs per such PSA.
- Unlimited VPs for submitting best, second best or third best ASK SC answers.
- Unlimited VPs can be won from Daily Grand draws.
- Unlimited VPs from reviewing TripleClicks shop products. 


All these constitute the things every affiliate can do every month to attain team leadership. Depending on your plans for the month, you now know what to do to get what you want. 

Hope this information is helpful? Best wishes.

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