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Monday, 13 February 2017

Why Induce Your Downline with Gift Certificates and TCredits?

The last thing I will ever recommend in SFI business is for any Sponsor to do anything which remotely looks like a “bribe” as an incentive for his/her downline. This is because there are very many highly effective ways you can literally “fire-up” your downline without offering unmerited gifts or even bribes. If you must give any gifts to your downline, give them such gifts as a token appreciation for a landmark achievement in the business and not as incentives for something you want them to do which they are yet to do. Acting that way clearly demarcates the difference between a bribe and a legitimate gift. 


From my own experience, unless an affiliate is sufficiently interested in the business, no amount of bribes or gifts can change their position. What works best therefore is to do such things for and with your downline which help them to take their business more seriously. To my mind, that is the best way to go about it. Some of such things which you must never fail to do include, but not limited to:

1. Regular communications with your downline.
2. Sending down the line regular tips and information on how to succeed in the business.
3. Forming a cooperative and involving your downline.
4. Promptly addressing concerns and requests for information from your downline.
5. Encouraging your downline to engage you with their fears and concerns about the business.
6. Promptly congratulating members of your downline when they make some landmark achievements.
7. Remembering their anniversaries and birthdays and helping them to mark the dates.
8. Occasionally giving away to some of them such gifts as TCredits and even PSAs but certainly not as bribes.

These are the things I believe you can do to and for your downline to encourage them in SFI business. Bribing them is clearly out of the question.

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