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Friday, 17 February 2017

Can Your New PSAs Become Team Leaders Too Quickly?

This is a very dicey question. It is dicey in the sense that we all have our individual differences as business persons. It could be very tricky to take a firm position simply because it worked for you. What worked for you may not necessarily work for another person. However, it is good to point out the advantages available to affiliates when they become Team Leaders and let them take their own decisions and or precautionary measures.

When you are a Team Leader, you earn Second Home CSAs, T-Credits and VP Matching benefits. As a new PSA, if your downline is not deep enough or you do not yet have a downline, rushing to become a Team Leader may not really benefit you much. In such circumstance, it is advisable to slow down to build your downline deep enough first before you aim to become a Team Leader. If however you are contented with simply earning T-Credits and Second Home CSAs, you can go ahead to become a Team Leader as fast as you can. That is the reason I stated earlier that the question is dicey. An individual choice is all that is required here. After all, we are all individual business persons in SFI even with our close affiliate relationships.

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