Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Good Benefits to Promote About Pricebenders Auctions

Here are some benefits of Pricebenders auctions I think you can promote to prospects.

1. It creates fun and competitive spirit.

2. It helps affiliates to pass time online doing something useful, rewarding and competitive.

3. You can win unlimited TCredits to use for your SFI business. TCredits are acceptable currencies in SFI business.

4. You earn Member Reward Points, MRP with each bid. You can trade in SFI with MRPs.

5. Your can also earn Personally Sponsored Affiliates, PSAs as rewards for bidding.

6. You can win Personally Sponsored Affiliates, PSAs and Co-Sponsored Affiliates, CSAs in bids which are a boost to your duplication efforts.

7. You earn VersaPoints, VPs with each bid. VPs help to boost your earnings in SFI.

8. You have a chance to win very valuable products at up to 95% off shelf price.

Bidding at Pricebenders is a very lucrative business in SFI. If promoted to prospects with the above facts/benefits, the results could be amazing.

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