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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Greatest Challenges to Success in SFI Business

From my own experience, my greatest challenge to success in SFI business was MARKETING my business. Because I was unable to market my business effectively, I faced very tough challenges in selling products at Tripleclicks and even recruiting PSAs. I found out to my chagrin that because I could not recruit real active PSAs to grow my downline, succeeding in SFI became a real challenge. This challenge was exacerbated because: 


- I was too shy to talk to people.
- I was not very good in Internet marketing.
- I could not advertise my business effectively.
- My budget was very low for advertising.
- I was not learning very fast.
- I was not very optimistic.
- I was not even enthusiastic.
- I thought I was not smart enough for this kind of business.
- I did not believe in the usefulness of advertising my business.

How did I overcome these challenges? I sat down and thought long and hard. You know, I even considered quitting the business at some point. My saving grace was that I turned to fellow affiliates including my upline for help. That is what changed my thinking. That is when I discovered that all these factors which hitherto inhibited me from marketing my business effectively can be overcome by deliberate efforts. These efforts include reading/learning the business thoroughly, following the rules and using the tools provided to grow your business. Your upline, your sponsors and your a2a friends can also help you out to find a way to market your business effectively. From my experience in SFI, fellow affiliates willingly give to other affiliates free tips to market their business. This is aside from the free tips SFI Admin makes available to all affiliates on very regular basis. I have over time found these tips/opportunities to be very useful and have actually been using them. My business has been on the upswing ever since.

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