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Thursday, 9 February 2017

How Best to Set up SEO on Your Website

My first thought here is to ask “why don’t you leave such a technical matter to professionals?” Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a highly technical matter which Webmasters can best handle. If however as an affiliate in SFI you want to delve into SEO yourself, make sure you use words and phrases on your site which Search Engines are looking for based on your site tags. The higher the SEO, the more visible your site becomes on the web in the “eyes” of Search Engines. Of course you know that the more “visible” your site is, the higher the number of “hits” to your site. The higher the number of hits, the higher the probability of conversions, sales or even PSAs recruitment


You may also do the following to increase your SEO.

1. Have a regularly-updated and useful blog on your site.
2. Use words and phrases in your blog which are relevant to your site tags.
3. Participate in popular forums with very good “comments” linked to your blog.
4. Post articles in highly-ranked and very popular Articles Directories and linked to your blog.
5. Submit your site URL to popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others for “indexing.”
6. Have a business page for your site in social media sites like facebook and link it to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

These are a few things I can remember now on how to optimize your site but please talk to Webmasters who are experts in the field as I am no expert in the field myself.

I hope this answers your question. Good luck in your SEO.

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