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Thursday, 9 February 2017

How Eager Zebra Games Help Build a Successful SFI Business

Eager Zebra games do factor in to building a successful SFI business in two major ways. When you participate in the games, your benefits can be classified broadly into TANGIBLE BENEFITS and INTANGIBLE BENEFITS. 


You earn four direct tangible benefits when you take part in the games. These are VersaPoints, VP, TCredits and Member Reward Points, MRP. This is in addition to winning valuable products. Your earned VP at the end of each month cumulatively translates to income and you can use the TC and MRP to trade at the TripleClicks shop. All ways, your business benefits directly.

These benefits even though seemingly intangible are also very vital to the success of your business. These intangible benefits are very important for anyone who wants to succeed in SFI business. Among these numerous intangible benefits are:

- Having unlimited fun playing the games.
- Building a sense of competition.
- Developing the ability to think fast and think big.
- Having unlimited optimism.
- Ability to solve problems quickly.
- Ability to take vital business decisions/risks.
- Innovative.
- Doggedness.
- Quest for knowledge.
- Perseverance.
- Energetic.
- Sense of vision. 


All the above about encapsulates the main ways Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business.

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