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Thursday, 9 February 2017

How MRP Member Reward Points Benefit SFI Business

The good news here is that Member Reward Points, MRP form part of the acceptable “currencies” in TripleClicks store. As you earn them as rewards in many of your other transactions including participation in Trivia Games and Pricebenders auctions, you can use them to trade in TripleClicks store where MRP are accepted. There is no other use for MRP in SFI business or TripleClicks store except using them to trade. Specifically, you can get the most out of your earned MRP by using them the following ways.

1. Buy anything in TripleClicks where MRP is accepted.
2. Buy Gold and Silver products.
3. Use them for digital downloads.
4. Use them as alternative currency to Cash, T-Credits and T-Currency.
5. Use them to buy T-Credits to advance your rank monthly.
6. Use them to trade when you have no access to any other acceptable payment method.
7. Store them up as your treasury “hoards” to accumulate for you to use to acquire bigger and more expensive items but making sure you use them up before they expire after one year.

The foregoing are about the best ways I believe you can get the most from the MRP you earn from your normal/regular business transactions in TripleClicks.

Hope you find this information helpful. Have a nice day!!

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