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Monday, 20 February 2017

How SFI Team Leaders Are Self-Made Leaders

Becoming self-made leaders! That is exactly what all SFI Team Leaders are doing. All SFI Team Leaders are self-made leaders not born leaders. The business is open to all and we all as affiliates have EQUAL opportunities to excel in it. Whichever affiliates who become Team Leaders are actually those affiliates who planned to be Team Leaders, got down to serious work towards their goals and eventually ended up becoming Team Leaders. None of these happens because of some accident of birth.

I am a little bit at a loss who a born leader is particularly as it relates to SFI business. Even if I reluctantly admit that anyone may be a born leader, I am certain that such a person was not born to lead in SFI. Even the founder of SFI himself Mr. Gery Carson, may not readily accept that he is a born leader. Not even with the clear evidence of a fantastic business like SFI he has labored over the years to make extremely easy for hundreds of thousands of affiliates around the world to benefit from.

Arising from the above, I believe very sincerely that anyone who does what is required of him/her in SFI business can be a Team Leader any time, any day. He/she does not necessarily have to be born a leader to be a Team Leader in SFI.

Arise and lead my friend. You too can be a Team Leader if you work hard to. Good luck!!!

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