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Monday, 20 February 2017

Why it is Better to Pursue PSAs Instead of CSAs

Anytime, any day in SFI business, I believe it is better to pursue PSAs instead of CSAs for the following reasons:

1. As a sponsor, you get higher commissions value (CV) percentage of 45% compared to only 15% from CSAs.
2. That translates to 3 times more residual incomes from PSAs than CSAs.
3. PSAs help to deepen your downline with which you can earn matching VP on 12 levels deep depending on the rank you get to monthly.
4. Every affiliate gets PSAs by conscious and deliberate marketing efforts whereas CSAs are allocated to you by SFI or purchased at auctions.
5. For that reason, any time you do not make EA per month, you lose all your CSAs whereas your PSAs are life-time assets as business partners even if you perpetually remain simply as an affiliate.
6. What matters in a final analysis is “activity.” Active CSAs are better than inactive PSAs for reasons of SFI peculiarities as a business. The bottom line is to earn commissions from both your PSAs and CSAs. Any of them which brings in more commissions should be preferred by any serious business person. On balance however, PSAs are capable of giving you more commissions ontransactions but they must be sufficiently active to do so. That makes PSAs better to pursue than CSAs.

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