Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to Convince New Affiliates about Daily Actions in SFI Business

To convince new affiliates about the importance of logging in at the Affiliate Center every day, tell them your own story. Tell them what logging into the Affiliate Center daily does for you and your own business. Tell them the benefits you derive by logging in daily and that they too can get the same benefits if they do same. Let them know of the following benefits derivable from logging in at the Affiliate Center every day. 


1. You get to know firsthand what is new in SFI through SFI news offering at the center.
2. You get urgent information about your business at the center.
3. You review the tabs therein and earn free VersaPoints.
4. You see the latest products additions at Tripleclicks.
5. You enter for Daily Grand draws at the center.
6. You get notifications/business tips about what you need to do to advance your business.
7. You see how your earnings progress at the scoreboard.
8. You get to see the overall growth of SFI worldwide.
9. You get notifications about how to enter Zebra games and Daily Grand draws.
10. You see your goals and your progress in achieving them.
11. You get to see your a2a friends’ requests and messages from a2a friends.
12. You receive mails from SFI, your upline, downline and ECAs.
13. You get to see how your PSAs and CSAs are making progress in their business.
14. You communicate with your downline from the Affiliate Center.
15. You see how much progress you are making by your VersaPoints stack up.
16. You read up a lot of literature about duplication, promotion, advertising, and your entire business.
17. You see how the medals you are earning stack up.
18. You participate in Ask SC/forums from your Affiliate Center.
19. You can track your advertising at the Affiliate Center.
20. You get to know at the Affiliate Center what auctions are going on and the time others are scheduled. 


These are just a few of the direct benefits you get from logging in at the Affiliate Center daily which can help you convince new affiliates to do same. In fact new affiliates must be made to understand that the engine room for each SFI affiliate is the Affiliate Center. That center also serves as a virtual Business Office where you run your entire business. Not logging in there is akin to not going to your office daily. The importance of logging in at the Affiliate Center everyday can therefore not be over emphasized for any new affiliate who is sufficiently serious about his/her business. 

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