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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Best Way to Help Your PSAs Understand SFI Business

The best way to help your PSAs to understand SFI is to be an excellent and outstanding sponsor yourself. If you are, you will ensure that your PSAs read and understand SFI basics and Launchpad lessons very thoroughly before they embark on any major business in SFI.

- After that, encourage your PSAs to ask you questions in relation to their SFI business. From the kind of questions they will be asking you, you can easily detect how much of the business they have mastered and how much help they further need from you.

- Encourage them to join A2A and to interact fully with the members.

- Encourage your PSAs to participate fully in the FORUMS as well as ASK SC.

- Make sure they know “SFI Rules of Success” and they are complying with the rules.

- Encourage them to communicate freely upline and downline as the need arises.

- Show them how to use their Gateways to recruit PSAs and to market products.

- Once they have mastered the basics of the business, encourage them to log into their sites daily to do their Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and other Actions to grow their VP Ledger as a way of earning money in SFI.

Doing all these things and a little bit more will help your PSAs to understand SFI as a business.

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