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Monday, 6 February 2017

How to Decently Support and Motivate Your Team Members

The best way to do that is to recognize your team members as independent and separate business persons who happen to be your business partners. Show them that you are all in the business for the fun and to make money. Invite them to come along with you for a joyous and profitable ride. To buttress and reaffirm these ideals, I recommend you do the following: 


1. Show decent respect for your team members as your partners and let that reflect in all your dealings with them.
2. Limit your interactions with them to purely advisory roles.
3. Be warm and courteous in all your communications with them.
4. Give them ample and un-crowded space to run their businesses.
5. Lead by example and encourage them to emulate at will if ok with them.
6. Welcome all your new PSAs with warmth and palpable expectations.
7. Direct them to new expectations and discoveries in the business.
8. Regularly send down the line great motivating tips.
9. Give them great business tips as you come across them.
10. Find regular and credible ways to appreciate the efforts of your team members.
11. Put in place a credible reward system to motivate your team members.
12. Find ways always to work with your team members and not on them.
13. Emphasize to them the benefits of continuous and sustained training in SFI business.
14. Encourage honesty and due diligence in working the business.

I believe that if you do the above honestly and consistently, you can support and motivate your team members without demanding too much from them or turning them off.

Good luck!!!

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