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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How Worthwhile to Send Individual Welcome Letters to New PSAs

YES, it is not only worthwhile to send individual welcome letters to new PSAs, it is the very best thing to do. Group mailings through the Mailer always go to everyone down the line in your downline, be they PSAs or CSAs or to the two groups separately depending on who you want to communicate with. You would not want to send a message meant for an individual to so many people. Would you? That is why group mailings can’t serve the purpose of welcoming new PSAs. It may even look ridiculous to keep sending welcome letters to PSAs you have welcomed before.

Individual letters to new PSAs always give the “personal touch” which is very effective in putting new PSAs at ease. One of the biggest cravings of the human species is to be recognized. That is exactly what individual welcome letters manage to do to new PSAs. That is why they are very worthwhile to use and very effective too.

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