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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Decent Ways to Promote Your ECA Store to Affiliates

Like I usually say in circumstances as this, follow the rules. Just follow the rules and do what SFI advises all ECAs to do and you will neither have problems nor have any issues with ethical matters. There is nothing you do in SFI that is not guided by strict enforceable rules. Promote your business where SFI allows you to and desist from doing so where you are not allowed to. 


The following tips can be of help.

1. Design your TConnect page very well and get connected to as many affiliates and ECAs as you can then display all your products in the page.

2. Send regular mails about your products to all affiliates in your downline through SFI Mailer letting them know the benefits of your products to their own business.

3. Develop your Leadership Page and refer your downline to the products you recommend (mostly your products) as listed therein.

4. Advertise your TConnect page in the signature feature of your e-mails using a brief but captivating message about the products.

5. Tactically use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others to advertise your products to your friends and other people/groups you are connected with.

6. Promote your ECA Gateway regularly in places of maximum exposure to your affiliates and potential affiliates.

7. Connect with A2A friends and make regular stream posts about your ECA making the posts appear as news while carefully avoiding outright advertising which SFI does not encourage in A2A.

8. Expertly use the blog section of your Leadership Page to regularly write about the benefits of your products and how other affiliates can use them to build their business.

If you are able to use these tips, I sincerely believe you can successfully promote your products to other affiliates without running afoul of SFI rules while remaining ethical in the process. 

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