Saturday, 4 February 2017

Most Effective Strategy for Reassigning Affiliates in Your Downline

This is a highly technical problem that may confound many affiliates because not many affiliates have ever bothered with reassigning other affiliates. For effective reassigning, I believe taking the following into consideration can yield the best results. 


1. Make a list of your very active PSAs and encourage them to team leadership positions.
2. Identify your weak PSAs and reassign/distribute them to your PSAs who have shown leadership qualities.
3. Put in place a credible reward system to continuously reward your PSAs who meet the mark.
4. Congratulate and reward every major milestone in your downline.
5. Use your reassignment tool sparingly since you can only reassign an affiliate once.
6. Reward affiliates who win in your organized competitions with reassigned PSAs.
7. Encourage team leaders to compete among themselves for more reassigned PSAs.
8. Encourage your reassigned PSAs to rate their new sponsors critically.
9. Let the new sponsors know about the critical ratings expectations from their new CSAs.
10. Be honest, fair, just and very business-like when reassigning affiliates.

I believe with these strategies you can always make the best out of your reassignment efforts. Good luck!!!

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