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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Text Ads Which Work Best to Attract Affiliates

Thanks to SFI, you have an array of text ads to choose from depending on what you want to promote and where you are advertising. These ads, for effectiveness are linked to your Gateways of choice. Text ads designed to be used online have their separate features and sizes and they are very effective to attract PSAs. The message is actually what counts the most and SFI has taken care to provide many text ads for all affiliates to use. If however you want your own customized text ads, be sure the ads include one or more of the following 10 words. 


1. Fast
2. Guaranteed.
3. Limited.
4. Easy/Simple.
5. Testimonial.
6. Discount/Sale.
7. Free.
8. Important.
9. You/Your
10. New.

Keep an eye on these words. Any text ad which uses these words gets a lot of traction particularly in online advertising. Do not forget to use hyperlinks on the ads which link to your Gateways of choice. These are the features of the most effective text ads you can use to attract PSAs. For best results to recruit PSAs, link your text ads to:



One example of a good text ad.

“MAKE MONEY WORKING AT HOME! No gimmicks, no pie in the sky, no bull. Proven 19-year track record with regular monthly paychecks! Join FREE here: http://www.sfi4.com/xxxxxxxx/first”

Happy recruiting!!!

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