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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Positive Effects of Abundant Faith

“Faith can move mountains.” Holy Bible

Here is where you automatically get when you have faith in abundance.

A Positive Mental Attitude: This is an outgrowth of self-worth that will remove all barriers particularly fear from your thought process. A Positive Mental Attitude is a must for human progress. A ceaseless struggle and refusal to quit or accept defeat are all products of Positive Mental Attitude which when applied to any human enterprise leads to abundant and overwhelming benefits.

The Power of Prayer: When everything else has failed, the next thing is to pray. We humans may know a lot but God knows best. Whatever business or enterprise you want to embark on, you must remember to allow God to take control when you as a person must have reached your utmost limit. Involving God helps to inspire confidence, fires-up your imagination and enables you to do what may appear to be above the ordinary.

The Power of Self-suggestion: This is the same thing as “psyching” ones self up before you undertake any venture. At times, it involves even physical audible command to ones self. Boxers and other sports people use it a lot before competitions. Remember Muhammad Ali, “I am the greatest”, “I will whip all comers”, “I am the finest boxer in the world.” All these were statements Ali made in his heyday as a boxer to psyche himself up and to intimidate his opponents.

Self-suggestion helps to place you in a winning mood thereby making you appear unstoppable. It works you up raring to go out there to do as your mind is already keyed up to do. This was the major weapon that Muhammad Ali used in most of the memorable fights he won particularly over those boxers who appeared physically stronger than him. Remember, if you think you can, you can. It works and people make tremendous progress in life with this simple philosophy. It is hinged on belief. That is, faith in self and in God. This is what makes it work. Fear normally creeps in when faith goes out the window.

Having faith that you can achieve an objective gives you the courage to go after that objective. “With faith, all things are possible.” “God never disappoints those who genuinely believe.” That is the power of faith. Dennis Kimbro in his brilliantly written book “Think and Grow Rich, a Black Choice” came to the following conclusion about faith. “The people who really succeed are those who dare to risk, who challenge the status quo and push themselves beyond their normal limits. No person ever fully discovers and develops all the potential within himself until he expresses his faith.” 

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