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Thursday, 8 December 2016

You Need a Pleasing Personality to Sell

“Everybody lives by selling something.” --- Robert Louis Stevenson

A pleasing personality is such an all-embracing quality that it practically touches on all characteristics that make you a human being. Specifically:

You must be able to dress decently and turn-out appropriately to fit any occasion. This does not necessarily mean you have to dress in an expensive manner but if you can afford to, why not? Some employers, particularly Banks pay their employees “dressing allowance” to enable them turn-out very well at all times to fit the corporate image of the company. Good dressing works almost like magic in the business world. When you go looking for employment, your appearance alone can disqualify you even before anyone bothers to ask you a question to find out what you know. This further underscores the importance of good dressing.

Your posture and body-carriage say a lot about your personality. You must be able to carry yourself well, look and act smartly to improve on your pleasing personality.

As a Salesperson, you must have some measure of showmanship to impress customers.

You must be able to “pose” for effects but be sure that it is not over dramatized. Good Salespersons must be good Show-persons.

You must have some poise and some air of self-confidence. These qualities help to build trust and also add to your personality.

You must be tactful and courteous in dealing with people. Weigh what you want to say thoroughly before saying it. Avoid loose and discourteous statements when presenting a case.

You must be a good listener but should be able to display real personal magnetism.
You should never talk-down on Customers.

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