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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Are You Marketing Yourself Well as a Business Owner?

“Everybody lives by selling something.” --- Robert Louis Stevenson

Just listen to this! The first thing a Salesperson markets is themselves. They must be able to market themselves effectively before they can succeed in marketing any product or service. If you can’t sell yourself, you may not be able to sell any other thing. The reason is simple. Nobody knows you as you know yourself. According to Robert Louis Stevenson, “Everybody lives by selling something.” Every hour of the day, buying and selling is going on. At every stage in your life, if you are not buying something, you are selling something. This is what keeps humans busy and humanity gainfully engaged. It is all a buyers and sellers world.

Manufacturers sell goods which Customers purchase.
Footballers sell skills which Club-owners buy.
Teachers sell knowledge which their Students buy.
Hoteliers sell rooms which their Lodgers buy.
Landlords sell shelter which their Tenants buy.
Filling stations sell petrol which Motorists buy.
Musicians sell music which their Fans buy.
Entertainers sell fun which their Fans buy.
Doctors sell their skills which their Patients buy.
Restaurants sell food and drinks which their Customers buy.

The list is endless. Everyone is either buying or selling. In such a business that involves everybody, succeeding despite all the odds requires some skills. This is why sellers must first be able to sell themselves to buyers before they can succeed in selling any other thing. Remember, whatever you can accomplish in life has a direct bearing on who you are. You must therefore be extremely skillful at selling yourself to others. This requirement covers all fields of human endeavor. 

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