Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Ensure Duplication Happens in Your Downline

My take on this issue is very simple. Just lead by example. If you have perfected how to duplicate and you are very familiar with and have experienced the awesome benefits of duplication, it is easy to convince your downline to do same. The surest way to get your affiliates to follow your duplication trail is by showing them how you are doing it then encourage them to do same. You can do this best by using your team mail messages to regularly explain to your team members how you are getting on and the awesome benefits you are getting in SFI all because of your duplication efforts.

Mention concrete examples and refer them to the blog in your leadership page where you regularly publish your achievements and milestones. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” If your affiliates are able to “see” what you are doing, it becomes very easy to convince them to do same. For that reason, when it comes to matters of duplication, you must at all times do all the things you want your affiliates to also do. If they manage to do as you expect them to, that gives you all the assurances you need that duplication will take place among those you sponsor.

All methods, systems, tips and tricks which work very well for you should be made easily available to your downline. Encourage feedback from your downline and lead with praises, corrections and tips to move them to do much better than they are doing. That to my mind is the best way you can be reassured that duplication happens in those you sponsor.

Good luck!!!!

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