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Saturday, 25 March 2017

How Work Friendships Benefit Your Business

Image Credit: gstatic.com

Our world is changing, so are human relationships particularly in the workplace. These days, nearly everyone wants to get along with other people to build beneficial relationships. If you run a business and you employ people, you too may want your employees to get along well with one another. Here is some good news for you. The Gallup Organization has found out that friendship among employees is highly beneficial to any business. In times past, it was thought that friendships between employees generally led to goofing off and petty gossiping at work thereby wasting precious time. Thanks to research, we now know that having close friends at work confers a variety of benefits not only on employees, but also on the companies they work for.

Since the benefits are both ways, smart employers now actively encourage work friendships among their employees. Below are some of the very glaring benefits companies and their employees derive from work friendships:

01. Employees who have best friends at work are more productive than others.
02. They enjoy more work satisfaction.
03. More women benefit greatly from the social interaction they get from work friendships.
04. Employees who feel a deep connection with their team members are more likely to take positive actions that benefit the business.
05. Employees who have a best friend at work are less likely to leave their jobs.
06. When employees have good friends at work, it positively affects company profitability, safety, inventory control and customer loyalty.

Can you see why smart business owners now actively encourage their employees to be good friends and to make good friends at work?

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